Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Who says I don't want food?

(Courtesy : Ma friends album)

My children...Whenever i asks "Shall we have some food?.."..my daughter rushes with her answer "I'm not hungry. I don't want food..."..She comes into the kitchen and enquires "What is for dinner?.."...BIG madam....I would say "...Chapathi ...some rice, sambhar.."...She goes with a sarcastic face.."This one...I don't want"..and goes ahead with her menu .."I want noodles..and potato fry.."...I've to give her some reason to pacify her.."that the noodles packet is not available..We will have it tommorrow.."..She comes back .."Promise, God promise"..Oh, yeah...promise!!!

My Son, on the other hand, does not respond to anything..He gives a deep look into what is there in the plate?..and goes.."Acche (Daddy), what is this?..."..My DH explains the whole menu...He gives a glum look.."Aiyo, this one. who will eat this?..."..hahaha....

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