Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Kappa (Tapioca) story continues..Thoran/poriyal from Kappa

How to make Kappa thoran:

1. The plain boiled kappa is mashed.
2. In a kadai, pour 1 tbsp of cooking oil. when it gets heated, splutter some mustard seeds, urudhu daal seeds, kadalai paruppu seeds till it turns slight brown.
3. Add the chopped onions, chopped ginger pieces and garlic pieces, curry leaves and salt to taste and let it get fried till light golden brown.
4. Add chilli powder/green chillies at this stage and let it also get deep fried.
5. After this, add the smashed kappa to this and mix it throughly. Garnish it with corriander leaves.


  1. Stumbled into your blog just now through foodie blog roll.Kappa my all time fav...Looks tempting and delicious and very inviting...Adipoliketo..:)
    U have wonderful space filled with yummy recipes..see you often... :)Keep in touch.

  2. Welcome...thanks for the comment..Please visit often...

    I have lot of passive visitors. I wish and hope that many visitors try my simple recipe and throw some feedback here..;-)

    Thiricchum varanam keto....kurey vibhavangal ivedey kannam pattum....just try and rucchichu nookkuto..(English translation : You have to come here, ok? you can see more receipes over here....just try and taste it, ok?)