Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Meen varuthadu thakkali chutneyill/ Fish fry bathed in Tomato chutney!!!

Don't get intimidated by the title...LOL...

I usually apply the regular powders on the fry piece and just end up doing a vanilla fish fry ...My family got fed up with the same taste and same aroma..Hence i thought i will try something different this time with a touch of tomato chutney...Thought let me give it a came out well too..

1. Tomato chutney
2. Cleaned Fish pieces
3. chilly powder
4. Salt
5. Corainder powder

Method of preparation:

1. Apply all the ingredients to the cleaned fish pieces and marinate for say 1/2 hour to 1 hour.
2. In a heavy bottom kadai, pour cooking oil and allow it to heat.
3. When it becomes hot, throw the marinated fish pieces. Turn it around after the bottom is done so that it is cooked all over.

Emh!!! My son comes running to the kitchen the moment the smell haunts the whole house..."Amma, give me chicken, chicken,...ummh!!! "..I go "It is not chicken, it is fish"...He comes back.."give me chicken, chicken".."Aiyo, fish"..."Ammey, give me chicken, AMMEY"...Me : "OK, your chicken"...he hardly knows the difference between chicken and fish..anything non-vegetarian is chicken for him..LOL

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