Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sambha Godhambhu Uppuma

A quick and easy one…..for breakfast or dinner.

To make Sambha Godhambhu (broken wheat) uppuma:

Chop 2 onions and slit 2 green chilies, 2-3 broken red chilly. Chop 1 carrot/ 10-15 beans. Can also add some groundnut and pottu (chutney) kadalai. Some curry leaves for seasoning.

Heat 1 tbsp oil in a kadai, splutter 1 tbsp mustard seed, 1 tsp of urudh dhal seed, 1 tsp of kadala paruppu (channa dhal seeds) and groundnut and pottu (chutney) kadalai. Sim the burner so that these seeds do not get charred. When the seeds change the color to light brown, add 2 onions chopped, slitted 2 green chilies, 2-3 broken red chilly and saute it until they become soft.

Add chopped vegetables (carrot and beans), curry leaves and stir fry. Then add 2 and ½ glass of water for every glass of Sambha Godhambhu. Allow the water to boil thoroughly.

Then add the sambha Ghodhambu to the above mix slowly. As you pour it in the boiling water, stir it continuously so that no lumps are formed and mix it thoroughly. Close it with a lid and simmer the burner. Let it cook for some 5- 10 mintues. Frequently, indulge by mixing it so that the bottom portion comes at the top and top portion goes at the bottom.

Voila, yummy sambha Ghodhambu uppuma!!!!!

Good for diabetic people…and for health conscious people…:D

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