Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kerala’s famous breakfast – Ragi Puttum Kadala

(Ragi Puttu, kadala, pazham)

How to make the Ragi Puttu:

Sprinkle little water on the Ragi flour and mix it well so that it does not forms lumps. One should make sure that the powder gets wet without lumps being formed. Sprinkle some salt to taste and keep it aside.

Grate coconut and keep it aside too.

To the puttu maker, pour some of the flour and in between put some grated coconut and put in some more flour. Steam it till the steam comes out of the top of the puttu kutti (roughly it takes 5-10minutes). With the help of some spatula/long stick, push the puttu from one end of the puttu kutti. The puttu comes out from the other open end.

One can relish it with kadala kuttan.

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