Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dry Chicken/ Chicken ularthiyathu….

Sunday as usual is a non-vegetarian day. I thought I would do it in a different manner..Not the usual chicken curry which, I believe, my family got fed up with the same color, same taste, same aroma..same same…. This time, I thought i will do chicken minus the gravy.

Here is how I did:

1. Cleaned the chicken with lotsa of water. 2-3 rounds. Then one round with 1tbsp of salt and turmeric powder to kill the germs.
2. Then to the cleaned chicken, add 1 tbsp of salt, 1 tbsp of turmeric powder, 1 tbsp of chilli powder, 2 tbsp of coriander seed powder and mix it well and thoroughly and keep it aside.
3. Chop 1-2 onions, 2 ripe tomatoes, ½ inch of ginger piece chopped into small pieces and crushed , 3-5 garlic pieces chopped and crushed. Lotsa of curry leaves.
4. In a Kadai, pour some cooking oil and to it add some sombhu seeds and let it to simmer, then add the crushed garlic and ginger pieces and let it fry till nice aroma covers the whole kitchen, add 1- 2 bay leaves and let it fry too. Add chopped onions and let it fry till light brown, add chopped onions and let it fry too.
5. To the above, add the marinated chicken and stir it well for some time and close with the lid after simming the burner down.
6. Frequently, stir the chicken and just sprinkle some water if it has become dry at the bottom.
7. When it almost done, add 1 tbsp of gram masala/chicken masala powder to it and mix it thoroughly and let it cook for 5 mintues.
8. Garnish with curry leaves/coriander leaves.

One can enjoy this with Chappathi/plain rice/curd rice. Yummy……..


  1. alooo..veendum active aayyoo..chicken roast adipoliii sumykuttii..:)..
    Onam kke nannayrunno..sadya kandu thazhe..:)
    tc ttoo..:)

  2. Varsha...Onam okkey sokkayittu celebrate cheithu...ippol end of the project aiyi..so some time off here and there...adukondu..my food blog has become live ;-) LOL

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